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Pro-Tip: Don’t make me chase your links

Pro-Tip: If your site uses AJAX to autoload content when a visitor hits the bottom of the page (a la New Twitter), don’t place links at the foot of the page that “run away” whenever your users try to click them.

The Noun Project (thenounproject.com) is a perfect example of this - new icons are loaded every time the page end is reached, which is great except that after 3 attempts trying to click the Site Created by SimpleHonestWork link, I gave up.

Given the site already has a fixed link to subscribe to email updates, I’m surprised the designers have shot themselves in the foot in this way with regards potential traffic

Another seasonal coffee

Well, why stop at just one (see previous post).


Extract through Aeropress and serve short with 1 measure of brandy. Warming.

I’m using the Cosecha as a base as it has a smooth, warm flavour without too many complex flavours jostling for attention.
Oh, I think I just levelled up in pretentiousness. 

You know what, on second thoughts maybe just the one clove in future. Starts getting a little overpowering.

Festive Blend

It’s still a week till Christmas, but I think I have my festive blend about down


Extract through Aeropress with a dash of vanilla extract as a festive espresso base.

Out with the old…

Yahoo’s proposed scrapping of Delicious (http://yfrog.com/h3z89p) may be the best thing that happened to my bookmarking system.
For under £5, Pinboard looks like it’s everything Delicious could (and should) have been; private tags and unread status in particular.


Night owl?

"perhaps you’re a night owl…and work through to eight or nine in the evening"

As good as this freelancing book is, Miles Burke has a lot to learn about being a night owl.

Still, you should pick it up while it’s still on offer (like, for the next 6 hours); it is a very useful book at a fantastic price: http://sale.sitepoint.com/